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VEI is -from and for- water operators

VEI is proud to be a purpose driven organisation, implementing its mission on a not-for-profit basis through own contributions of water operators, water customers and externally sourced grants. Ensuring high quality  peer support is an intrinsic part of our mission. We are deliberate in what peer support we do, where we do it, and how we do it. 

Via VEI, a group of seven Dutch water operators are committed to Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) of the United Nations: sustainable water and sanitation for everyone. Organising high quality peer support between water operators is the core of VEI. We implement international partnerships between water operators (WOPs).

VEI helps people living in poverty to access sustainable water services
Across the world, water operators are struggling to provide safe water services. Almost 1 billion people still lack access to good water, while 2,4 billion people lack access to proper sanitation. 

VEI makes a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty by improving sustainable water services delivery. VEI is dedicated to a society in which there is universal sustainable water services management, leaving no one behind. 

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VEI organises the solidarity between water operators

Many water operators are in need of practical support from their peers. Despite different circumstances, water operators share common concerns and challenges: about human resources development, daily operations of production and distribution systems, and investment planning. Peer support between water operators is to learn from one another at a real practical level, what works and what doesn’t work to deliver proper water services to their customers.

There are many operators that are willing and able to give peer support; having the motivation, the resources and expertise that is waiting to be unlocked for their peer water operators. VEI applies practical know-how from source to tap. By unlocking the strength of peer support, locally owned solutions are created and implemented. Through peer support VEI strengthens the capacity of partner water operators, resulting in sustainable performance improvement and enhanced service delivery, well beyond the impact of directly connecting people to water services.

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gained access to water/sanitation in 2020
42 projects
in 18 countries in 2020
€ 19.6 mln
turnover 2020