Zambia - Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation company (LgWSC)

Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited (LgWSC) is a private Company established under the Companies Act CAP 388 of the Laws of Zambia. Its main objective is to improve water supply and sanitation service delivery to the people of Central Province.

The Company was initially set out to provide water and sewerage service to the urban and peri urban areas of Central Province. However, the mandate of the Company is being transformed to include onsite sanitation and water supply services to rural areas within its areas of operation. The new mandate has seen the name change of the Company from Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Limited (LgWSC) to Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited (LgWSC).

A dependable, innovative and commercially viable utility Company that provides quality water and sanitation services to all customers of Central Province in an equitable manner.

To provide customers in Central Province with reliable, affordable and cost-reflective water supply and sanitation services in a sustainable, equitable and resilient manner.