Indonesia - PDAM Tirta Moedal Kota Semarang

The water supply company PDAM Tirta Moedal Kota Semarang is owned by Kota Semarang, a municipality of 1.8 million people in Central Java Province, Indonesia.

It was established in 1990. It serves around 40% of households in the area with piped water. The rest, such as those near coastal areas and low-income peri-urban areas use their own dug/drill wells or rely on small, locally managed systems.

The utility faces technical challenges, particularly regarding extension of water supply coverage, with such a large percentage of the population not served, and in maintaining a high level of water supply service to their existing customers. It also has a high level of non-revenue water (NRW), around 40%. It is guided by a business plan for the period 2018 - 2022, in which NRW reduction and an increase in coverage are set as key goals.

A large part of the city is heavily affected by land subsidence, largely caused by excessive groundwater abstraction, which makes the need for piped surface water supply indispensable.

Thomas de Jong