About us

It is our firm conviction that everyone around the world deserves a reliable supply of high-quality tap water. As committed Dutch Water Operators, we embrace our responsibility to make this dream come true.

The Netherlands has a long history when it comes to water.Over the past 160 years Dutch water operators have established themselves as the best in-class water providers. This achievement is directly reflected in the competence and expertise of Dutch drinking water operators. Six of these companies – Vitens, Evides Waterbedrijf, WML, PWN, Watercompany Groningen and Brabant Water – share their expertise via VEI with their colleague water operators around the world. Through VEI, they are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6 of the United Nations: sustainable water and sanitation services for all. With a joint workforce of 3,600 employees, a distribution network that extends for more than 102,700 kilometres, about five million connections and an annual delivery capacity of 880 million m3 of tap water in the Netherlands, they have extensive experience and resources at their disposal.

Non-profit vehicle

VEI is the dedicated non-profit vehicle for the five Dutch public water operators in achieving their shared objective. VEI focuses on providing support for water operators in Africa, Asia and South America: countries that face immense challenges, such as increasing water demand, water quality problems, water shortages and climate change. VEI collaborates with these colleague water operators to expand their capabilities and help them professionalise their operations by actively sharing long-standing Dutch expertise and experience. For example, VEI assists by improving basic operations such as non-revenue water (hereafter: NRW) management and water operations, by setting up stable financial procedures or by creating a better infrastructure.

Kick-start for economic development
Several donors provide additional financial backing to VEI’s partnerships. The combination of additional investment and peer-to-peer support at operational level acts as a kick-start for local economic development and growth.

On the spot assistance
VEI arranges ‘on the spot’ assistance by deploying Dutch water operator experts to their colleague local water operator. Their job is to effectively support and train their colleagues on site at the demanding water operators. This peer-to-peer interaction ensures that Dutch water knowledge and the wealth of operational expertise can be shared with water operators abroad. The results are impressive: tangible change, improved operational performance and, ultimately, universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for more people.