From and for water operators

Established in 2005 by Dutch water operators, VEI has developed into an effective organization that is implementing WOPs with dozens of water operators worldwide, capacitating hundreds of employees from water operators, and helping every year directly and indirectly hundred of thousands people with improved access to water services, mostly from low-income areas in Africa, Asia and South America.

We strive to continuously increase our impact for the people living in poverty, by systemically increasing the quality of our core process of organizing peer support.


VEI is a full subsidiary of Vitens N.V. and Evides N.V. and implements their international Corporate Social Responsibility policy on behalf of seven Dutch drinking water partners:

  • Vitens N.V.
  • Evides Waterbedrijf N.V.
  • WML
  • Waterbedrijf Groningen
  • Brabant Water
  • WLN
  • PWN


VEI is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands. VEI consists of the following departments that cooperate closely:

  • Corporate - overall management, communication and the secretariat.
  • Finance & Control - administration, controlling and ICT.
  • HR - recruitment, resourcing motivation, staff development.
  • Project Operations Department - project acquisition and implementation of all projects in 18 countries.

VEI employs at its headquarters in Utrecht a team of 20 staff members and engages the project staff members worldwide. In addition, for short term assignments, VEI arranges another 200 employees of Dutch water operators who provide support to peer operators. 

Management Team

VEI is a public limited company and is accountable to a board of shareholders: the CEOs of the Dutch water operators Vitens N.V. and Evides Waterbedrijf N.V. Its daily operations are managed by a CEO and management team:

  • CEO: Toine Ramaker
  • Manager F&C:  Luuk Veens
  • Senior HR Advisor: Andre van Beek
  • Regional Manager: Dr. Adriaan Mels
  • Regional Manager: Siemen Veenstra
  • Regional Manager: Emma Lesterhuis