Dutch Caribbean - STUCO

St Eustatius Utility Company (STUCO) is the electricity and water provider for the island of St. Eustatius. As one of the largest companies in St. Eustatius, STUCO is committed to the community.

STUCO and VEI collaborate already for many years. STUCO is responsible for the water and electricity supply to approximately 3,000 residents on the island of St. Eustatius.

The collaboration between STUCO and VEI focuses on specific (technical) questions that emerge throughout time and STUCO is supported to develop obligatory plans (and the implementation thereof) that relate to the Dutch drinking water law, as imposed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water.

Some of the activities that have been implemented in the past years:

  • Development of a Water Quality & Capacity Control Plan
  • Support with design, tendering and supervision of a new water transport pipe
  • Development of a long-term study and investment plan for 2020-2030 and updating the investment plan

Gerard Speelman