Philippines - Ayungon Water District (AyWD)

The Ayungon Water District (AyWD) was created with the mission to provide adequate potable water to the Ayungon populace. It started its operation on February 1995. All the existing water facilities from the Local Government Unit of Ayungon had been turned-over to the newly created water district. With its meager resources, Ayungon Water District started to deliver services to households in the barangays of Tampocon I, Tampocon II, and Poblacion with four (4) employees.
At present, Ayungon Water District utilized nine (9) springs as its source of water situated in the following areas: Jandalamanon, Kansalanga, Anis-is, Palao, Amdus, Maiti, Mabais, Kanlukduhan, and Batuan and three reservoirs situated at Tampocon I, Amdus and Buenavista.
Ayungon Water District in its mission to provide sufficient supply of potable water to the residents of Ayungon is facing with a lot of problems. Motivated by the original mission of the district, present management is making plans to come up with new projects to improve its present system.

Explore more potable water sources.
Provide proper maintenance of all water system.
Provide compensation equivalent to services rendered by employees in the District
Provide efforts to our workforce, being polite, helpful and willing to serve   beyond the call of duty.
Deliver sufficient services and potable water supply to the entire community.  

Building a sustainable, self-reliant Water District and to deliver enough potable water supply to the concessionaires.