Tanzania - Mwanza Urban Water Supply And Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA)

Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) was established in July 1996 as a semi autonomous executive agency of the government for provision of adequate, reliable and sustainable potable water and waste water management services in Mwanza City at affordable and cost effective prices. It was declared full autonomous from January 1998 and was authorized to extend services to Kisesa Township in Magu District from September 2007. The Authority is wholly owned by the Government of Tanzania.

MWAUWASA is domiciled in Mwanza City, the Capital of Mwanza Region. The city lies along the southern shores of Lake Victoria on the North-west of Tanzania and is uniquely identified with lot of natural rocky outcrop hills. It has two districts (Ilemela and Nyamagana), and is the second largest urban center in Tanzania with an estimate population of over 1 million people of which about 50% is connected to water network. Sewerage coverage is only about 5%. The city is an important transport hub, especially for water transport across Lake Victoria to towns in the North-western part of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and has good air and railway transport links to Dar es Salaam.

Since water is life and key to development and poverty alleviation and is a basic need to everybody; be rich or poor, MWAUWASA remains with a duty to contribute significantly to development and poverty reduction by reducing the risks of waterborne diseases through improved access to quality water and wastewater management services.

MWAUWASA’s Vision is briefly stated as follows: To excel and become a leading water and sanitation utility in Africa. 

MWAUWASA’s Mission statement is: To provide adequate potable water and sanitation services in Mwanza City at optimal cost. 

Andries van Eckeveld
Project Manager