Vitens extracts, purifies and supplies drinking water – drinking water that is reliable, affordable and sustainable. As water is of vital importance, Vitens has a major responsibility as the largest drinking water company. Vitens takes its responsibility very seriously. Every day, over 1,400 Vitens employees bring their passion and skills to bear on supplying top-quality tap water.

To be able to offer our customers the continuity and quality of drinking water with the proper service in the long term, Vitens improves and innovates its processes continuously. However, the ground water sources, the origin of our tap water, are vulnerable.

Vitens does its utmost to clean the sources and keep them clean. This means that the ground and everything above it has to be clean too. Vitens cannot do this alone. Vitens believes in the strength of collaboration. Only by working together we can ensure that everyone can enjoy a clean living environment, including tap water of the highest quality, now and in the future. Our primary need. Vitens connects, raises issues, and shares its knowledge.

We are Vitens. Joining forces for man and the living environment.