Kenya - Naivasha Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Company (NAIVAWASSCO)

Naivasha Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Company (NAIVAWASCO) is a registered private limited liability company wholly owned by the County Government of Nakuru as the majority shareholder, with mandate of providing water and sanitation services in Naivasha Subcounty and its environs on self sustaining basis.

Vision Statement
A world class water and sanitation service provider

Mission Statement
To provide adequate, quality, affordable and sustainable water and sanitation services that meet all our customers’ needs and expectations within our area of operations through utilization of contemporary systems and technology.

Our Core Values:
NAIVAWASCO upholds the following core values:

·       Customer Focus

·       Responsiveness

·       Integrity and Honesty

·       Team work

·       Community Participation

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