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  • Ghana - Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL)

Access to safe and potable water in Ghana is a far cry from the expected situation. Currently, water supply coverage in the urban areas of the country is 76%. This means that 24% or about five (5) million people in the urban communities have no access to safe drinking water. The largely uncontrolled rate and manner of the growth of the urban communities has made it difficult and expensive to extend services to some residents in these communities, especially the city centers.

Apart from the challenge of access, another challenge has to do with affordability whereby customers do not pay economic tariffs for water which adversely impacts the level of service and profitability of GWCL.
The problem to be addressed by this WaterWorX project is twofold.

  • Currently there is insufficient knowledge of and control over the bulk water flows from the Production Treatment Plants in Greater Accra to districts in the regions Accra West, Accra East and Tema.
  • The expansion of services and control over physical and apparent losses in the districts is not following the pace of improved availability of water in the distribution system. 

Project Objectives
Equally distribute the available water produced over the whole population of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.

  • A working bulk water control system and organization for the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area which reliably, equally and transparently controls the bulk water flows from the production and transmission systems to all districts in the Accra West, Accra East and Tema regions.
  • Expansion of reliable water services to at least 90,000, people living in poverty in the Greater Accra Area, specifically in the Amasaman (Accra West Region), Adenta (Accra East region) and Santor (Tema Region) Districts.
  • Proven concept of commercial and distribution work methods in Amasaman (Accra West Region), Adenta (Accra East region) and Santor (Tema Region) Districts to reduce to and maintain levels of NRW at district level below the economic threshold of 20%.
  • Sufficient trust of international financiers to confirm funding (>25 million Euro) for expansion of reliable water services to another 1,000,000 people in all districts of Accra West, Accra East and Tema regions.
  • Lessons learned will support GWCL to replicate successful methods in the other regions across Ghana.

For more information please contact:

Krijn Driessen, Resident Project Manager in Ghana

Krijn Driessen