Ghana Management Contract

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  • Ghana - Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL)
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VEI B.V. and Rand Water Services Pty (South Africa – a full subsidiary of Rand Water) had created a 51/49 joint venture named Vitens Rand Water Services Limited (VRWS). VRWS was registered in The Netherlands but is now dissolved. VRWS was selected as the successful bidder for a Management Contract issued by the World Bank for Urban Water with the Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL). The joint venture had established a local company, named ‘Aqua Vitens Rand Water Ltd’ (AVRL) to which some 3,200 staff members from GWCL were seconded. AVRL was acting as the ‘Operator’ for and on behalf of GWCL and, as such, had assumed full control of all operational activities for a period of five years. The Management Contract included a comprehensive list of Services to be provided including:

  • Technical Services, such as production, Transport, Storage and Distribution of Treated Water; Procurement of Operational Goods and Materials (incl. chemicals and electricity); and Introduction of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Commercial Services, such as Billing and Collection; Setting up a Customer Database; Introduction of procedures for Customer Complaints; Introduction of Customer Surveys;
  • Administrative and Financial Services, such as Bookkeeping; Administrative Organisation and Internal Control; Internal/external Accounting;

The Performance-Based Management Contract stipulated Service Standards to be met. These related to:

  • Water Quality, Pressure and Flow Rates of Treated Water;
  • Reduction in Non-Revenue Water;
  • Treatment Works Production Capacity;
  • Customer Complaints/Inquiries Response;
  • Customer Accounts Receivable;
  • Interruptions and Emergency Response
Project finished