Football for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Ghana WASH Window

  • Ghana
  • Ghana - Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL)
  • Finished 31-08-2019

Project Summary

This project aims to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene situation in combination with football at 100 schools in Ghana. In Ghana only 14% of the people are using improved sanitation. An integrated life style programme by linking water, sanitation and hygiene with football will be implemented. Evidence shows that such a link leads to very strong social acceptance. With this project the WASH situation at 100 schools in CCMA and KEEA will be improved for 40.000 children!

Most of the schools in Ghana do not have improved water and sanitation facilities. As well as poor maintenance of facilities has resulted in unacceptable hygienic conditions. Under these conditions, schools become unsafe places where diseases are transmitted, with mutually reinforcing negative impacts for the children, their families, the schools and overall development.

In a partnership, VEI, SHEP, ProNet, WorldCoaches Programme of the KNVB and Merck will cooperate to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene situation at 100 schools in two municipalities in Ghana, being CCMA and KEEA. These municipalities are actively involved.
By working in a partnership, an integrated lifestyle programme by linking water, sanitation and hygiene with football can be implemented.

Activities include:

  • WASH infrastructure implementation
  • Football infrastructure implementation
  • Capacity development for knowledge institutionalisation
  • Launching and upscaling of a football competition for the schools
  • Monitoring 
  • Obtaining sustainability

In order to secure the sustainability, efforts will be made to create local ownership. Within and around the schools, and by local organizations. An approach of continiously monitoring will be used and evaluations will give insights in efforts that have to be made. This includes monitoring and evaluation on financial, institutional, environmental, technical and social aspects.

Project finished
Emma Lesterhuis
Regional Manager - Member Management Team VEI