EU WOP Ghana

  • Ghana
  • Ghana - Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL)
Region: Accra, Ghana and Freetown, Sierra Leone 
Period: 2022-2024
Project partners: Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC)
Funding: EU-WOP Programme, a European Union funded initiative managed by GWOPA/UN-Habitat

Improving water service delivery to low income urban communities through turning data into actionable insights!

The solidarity-based Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP) between Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) and VEI started its peer-to-peer learning journey back in 2018 to support the development of GVWC pro-poor activities. Encouraged by the successful learning and twinning partnership, the three partners decided to submit a funding proposal for the EU-WOP Programme. And it was a success. Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) and VEI will continue their capacity development arrangement for three more years.

The EU-WOP Programme is an initiative funded by the European Union and managed by UN-Habitat’s Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) that is funding over 20 Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) projects. These partnerships are solidarity-based, not-for-profit and peer-to-peer exchanges between water and sanitation operators, that aim at strengthening the capacity and performance of utilities, with the ultimate goal of contributing to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, clean water and sanitation for all.

The EU-WOP Programme will allocate $250,000 grant funding to this partnership. The project is one of the vary few approved funding applications with an African lead partner and offers an excellent opportunity to build upon the prevailing twinning arrangement between GWCL and GVWC and further strengthen it with the support of VEI.

In line with the EU-WOP Programme objectives, the partnership’s focus will be on strengthening the capacity to provide equitable water services. The GWCL Low Income Customer Support Department (LICSD) will take the lead in supporting GVWC’s ambition to better serve vulnerable populations over a 36 months’ duration. By supporting the development of the GVWC pro-poor activities and elevating its position as an organisation, the project will contribute greatly to the desired transformation of GVWC towards better service delivery. Together with the assistance of VEI the aim is to make the unserved visible and build the capacity to engage and transform the unserved to be served in sustainable way. The partnership aims to contribution towards the SDG 6 targets by embracing the “leave no one behind” principle.

For more information please contact:

Krijn Driessen, Project Manager Ghana

Krijn Driessen