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The utility company STUCO has for a long time executed various projects with VEI on ST Eustatius. After a while of silence, a bottleneck analysis was carried out on behalf of the ministry. The reason for this was that the population was regularly rationed in the drinking water supply. This investigation showed that the biggest problems were the failure of the transport pipeline. The follow-up was that VEI on behalf of STUCO made a feasibility study with a cost estimate for STUCO to replace the transport pipeline. In 2020 VEI helped draw up the design and tender and the transport pipeline was also constructed in 2020. During construction, supervision was carried out by VEI.
Other projects carried out by VEI were related to the new drinking water law. In that context, VEI has drawn up a long-term forecast for drinking water, a KCD (supply plan), monitoring and analysis plan and a legionella risk and management plan.  These plans were submitted for approval to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in mid-2020 and the Ministry gave its approval to these plans in mid-2020.

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Gerard Speelman, Project Manager BES islands

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Gerard Speelman