Support to STUCO St. Eustatius for LTAP

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Support to STUCO for Long-term Asset Plan (LTAP) 2022-2024

The utility company STUCO has for a long time executed various projects with VEI on St. Eustatius. 
In September 2021 the Long-term Asset Plan (originally developed in 2019/2020) for improving the water supply on St. Eustatius was updated by VEI, in consultation with STUCO management.

The updated LTAP 2022-2026 takes into account:

  • Investments that were implemented through STUCO's own resources between 2019-2021.
  • An updated water demand forecast, steering the required investment volumes.
  • A further analysis and associated recommendations concerning the increased NRW levels.

The updated LTAP/NRW Assessment recommends to:

  • Use part of the I&W investments for technical assistance towards the preparation, design and implementation of budgeted investments as proposed in the LTAP for 2022-2026, to balance asset development with day-to-day asset management (operation and maintenance) responsibilities of the STUCO team.
  • Put more emphasis on optimizing water production and distribution operations i.e. preparation of RO Plant (preventative) Maintenance Plans, Standard Operating Procedures and data analysis (particularly in NRW reduction); this to increase the technical lifetime of existing and newly developed assets. 

The project includes 5 distinct Work Packages: 

  1. Updating the KCD ((Kwaliteit- en Capaciteit Document)
  2. Support in data collection and analysis in NRW reduction/management
  3. Support in improving Operation & Maintenance
  4. Support in implementation of the LTAP - Investment Plan 2022-2024
  5. Optional: operational support for 1 year in mainstreaming further development and use of the developed GIS and hydraulic model (with Aquaelectra support) in day-to-day operations

For more information please contact:
Gerard Speelman,  Project Manager BES Islands

Gerard Speelman