WaterWorX project: WOP Oromia Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia
  • Ethiopia - Oromia Water and Energy Resource Development Bureau (OWERDB)

Sustainable Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Services for the people in Ambo, Dukem and Modjo Towns

Project area
The project is focused on the Oromia regional state. This is located centrally in Ethiopia and home to the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, the Oromos. The partner utilities under the WWX Oromia WOP are the states capital Adama, as well as Ambo, Nekemte, Modjo and Dukem. These cities have large populations and are growing at a very fast pace due to the strong urbanization dynamics in Ethiopia.

This WWX –project will address the problems related to water supply and sanitation with in the utilities of Adama, Bishoftu, Ambo, Dukem, Mojo and Nekemte. The main problem of the utilities is lack of capacity both financially and technically to operate, maintain and invest in water infrastructure. During the observation interviews with the managers most of the utilities raised scarcity of water supply and shortage of budget.

The objective of the project is to increase the sustainability of access to water supply and sanitation by:
• strengthening the capacity of the TWSSSEs financially,  technically and socially
• strengthening the enabling environment of TWSSSEs in terms of  policies, laws & regulations and financing
• increasing access to water infrastructure investment finance, by developing investment proposals and engaging with domestic and international financing organisations and banks

WOP Objective Phase 1  

Over the last four years, the WWX Oromia have achieved a number of key objectives in four TWSSSEs such as: 

  • Improved management capacity and performances of the utilities (TWSSSEs) through capacity building and exchange of best practices.  
  • Increased access to water supply for (pro-poor) people by developing and implementing the pro-poor investment Strategy. 
  • Improved the financial position of the TWSSSEs by improving customer service, Reading, billing, collection and finance. 
  • Strengthened the enabling environment of TWSSSEs in terms of  policies, laws & regulations and financing 

For more information please contact:

Wonde Hirpa, Resident Project Manager in Ethiopia

Wonde Hirpa