WaterWorX project: WOP Lilongwe Malawi

  • Malawi
  • Malawi - Lilongwe Water Board (LWB)

The new WaterworX programme is a cooperation between LWB and VEI, and presents a great opportunity for both parties to continue their excellent partnership, exchange knowledge and to give more people access to sustainable drinking water. Close cooperation, trust in each other and clear objectives will help to ensure sustainable improvements of water supply in Malawi. LWB and VEI are confident that this is the continuing of a long and fruitful relationship aimed to develop and improve water supply services to the Malawian Populations in Lilongwe.

Project Objectives

Improve service delivery by enhancing operational performance and organisational culture change:

  • Change of organisational culture
  • Customer orientation and capacity development in customer care
  • Business Planning & research services, Monitoring /evaluation of activities
  • Capacity strengthening in public relations and corporate affairs services
  • Preparation of Design Manual for LWB & Standard operation Procedures
  • Development of Water Safety Plans and Climate Resilience Plan
  • Non-Revenue Water Reduction

Planned activities for 2021

1. ICT

  • Security check of LWB ICT 
  • Follow up on recommendations of the security check

2. Change management/Leadership Development

  • Leadership development workshop (important for new CEO & Board members)
  • Change management workshop
  • Assessment of the impact of both workshops

3. Water Resources – Protection of Lilongwe River

  • Support tree planting teams with training-on-the-job 
  • Provision of tools, uniform and training to community volunteers

4. Customer communication

  • Assessment of progress on the water conservation plan
  • Advice on water conservation at household level
  • Raise awareness on water scarcity and pollution

5. Asset Management

  • SOP of treatment plants (backwashing & chemical usage)
  • SOP of meters calibration (bulk and domestic meters)

6. Business Planning/MIS

  • Support on SCADA implementation 
  • Support on ERP application within LWB
Siemen Veenstra
Rob Beckers