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  • Malawi - Lilongwe Water Board (LWB)

From 2009 until 2014 VEI (former Vitens Evides International) provided Technical Assistance and Advisory Services to the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) through an EU/EIB financed Private Sector Service Contract aiming at improving the operational and financial efficiency of Lilongwe’s water service provider and extending its services to Low Income Areas.

Building up on this previous partnership, and considering the major investments LWB is planning to implement over the next 5 to 10 years, a Performance Based Water Operations Partnership (PBWOP) Agreement was signed between LWB and VEI in July 2015 for another 4 years of technical assistance, scheduled to end in June 2019.  Similar to the previous Service Contract, the PBWOP aims at supporting LWB in various defined tasks, to raise the overall efficiency of LWB and to assist and prepare LWB for the challenges ahead related with the huge investment programmes. Compensation of VEI is composed of a base fee and a performance based compensation (PBC) related to defined Components and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These are:

Component 1:

  1. Develop and operationalise a hydraulic model
  2. Develop and operationalise a SCADA System
  3. Develop and implement a Water Demand Management Strategy
  4. Conduct a detailed design and ESIA studies for the Water Transmission Mains to accommodate additional production capacity.
  5. Develop and implement Asset Management tools as an integrated part of an ERP system
  6. Develop and implement Stores Management tools as an integrated part of an ERP system
  7. Identify and coordinate two effective WOP’s between Lilongwe Water Board and Two Partners in Africa

Component 2:

  1. Reduce corporate NRW to 25% and mentor the Zone Managers of two Zones

For more information please contact:

Rob Beckers, Resident Project Manager in Malawi

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Siemen Veenstra