USAID project: Isoko y’Ubuzima in Rwanda

  • Rwanda
  • 30-07-2026
Region: Rwanda
Period: 2021-2026
Project partners: Water For People (lead partner), IRC, VEI, CARE, and local partner African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) in Rwanda
Funding: USAID

Isoko y’Ubuzima/ USAID Funded THRIVE WASH project in Rwanda

Isoko y’Ubuzima is a 5-year USAID-funded WASH project whose implementation began in July 2021. It is being implemented by a consortium led by Water For People, with partners VEI, IRC, CARE, and AEE. The purpose of this project is to improve Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) service delivery in 10 selected rural districts of Rwanda. Isoko Y’Ubuzima provides the technical and financial support through 3 inter-related strategic objectives (SOs), which are:

  • SO1: Improve WASH Governance, which aims at building a strong WASH Sector that will allow the Government of Rwanda and its Districts to be on the right path to achieve the SDG targets.
  • SO2: Improve drinking water services, which targets to build the capacity of both districts and water private operators to realize meaningful improvements in drinking water services for people of all gender and socio-economic status.
  • SO3: Improve sanitation and handwashing services and products, which seeks to increase awareness, demand, and availability of improved and affordable sanitation and hygiene products and services.

VEI leads interventions in strategic objective 2 with a number of activities as listed below:

  • Support private operators to reduce Non-Revenue Water in selected rural water supply systems through the adoption of the DMA approach. Support them to develop NRW reduction strategic plans and provide them with adequate tools and equipment to monitor and manage NRW.
  • Support the development of a customer management system that will help private operators to manage their customers, monitor their billing and revenue collections.
  • Develop a process-oriented benchmarking tool to enhance the reliability and accountability of rural water service providers. The tool will also support private operators’ performance measurement and improvement, and monitor progress made in the water supply sector.
  • Design various tailor-made training for the private operators to improve operation and maintenance practices: O&M of water supply systems, water quality monitoring, business plan development, and implementation, financial management of water supply systems, NRW reduction and management.
  • Strengthening the capacity of the forum of private water operators in Rwanda (FEPEAR) to be able to advocate for the development of private water operators.

Project website:

For questions, please contact Clement Ndungutse, Project Operations Engineer in Rwanda

Picture of NRW training of private water operator’s staff conducted by VEI’s short term expert Niels Zoeteman (Vitens), in Kigali – Rwanda

Clement Ndungutse
Project Operations Engineer
Asaph Kabaasha