WaterWorX project: WOP Southern Region Malawi

  • Malawi
  • Malawi - Southern Region Water Board (SRWB)
Region: Southern Region
Period: 2022-2026
Project partners: Southern Water Region Water Board (SRWB)
Funding: WaterWorX program by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

WaterWorX project: WOP Southern Region Water Board
Improved Water Supply Services for Southern Region Water Board Customers 

WaterWorX phase 1 (2017-2021)
The overall project objective during phase 1 has been to improve water supply services in all cities and towns under Southern Region Water Board through improved water supply, reduced NRW levels, improved sales (revenue) through reduced commercial losses (meter inaccuracies, meter reading/data transfer errors and water theft) and consumer debt - through human (organizational/staff) capacity development. 

The key areas worked on to reach these objectives have been development and implementation of pro-poor projects, development and implementation of DMAs in Zomba scheme, water balance done for Zomba scheme, debt collection actions, capacity building through trainings on the job, GIS development, discussions on the importance of catchment area management and training on data analysis. 

The major achievements for the WOP with SRWB in WWX phase 1 have been: 

  • The initiation of drafting a co-management agreement between SRWB and the Ministry of Forestry of 1,145ha of land of Mulunguzi dam catchment area which is surrounding the water source of Zomba scheme (the largest scheme of SRWB). During WWX phase II a plan shall be developed for reforestation, security and management of this area and the setup of a Catchment Management Committee. 
  • Development and implementation of 2 pro-poor projects of which one in Zomba scheme and one in Mangochi scheme, reaching in total an estimated 12,800 people. 
  • Purchasing of hardware and capturing of data to develop a Geographical Information System (GIS). Focus has been Zomba scheme and to a lesser extent Mangochi and Liwonde schemes. 
  • Development of DMAs within Zomba scheme and physical implementation of the same. The start of NRW reduction through water balances and analysis of billing data.

WaterWorX phase 2 (2022-2026)
The overall objective is to improve water supply services to customers within the SRWB’s mandated (supply) areas through investment projects and improvement of sustainable operations and finances.

There are 2 main areas to focus on for SRWB on the road to sustainable operations: 

  1. Increase of revenues from water sales; 
  2. Water source protection management; 

Both of these issues can only be tackled through a mix of capacity building in the form of peer to peer learning within SRWB and setting up an enabling environment around SRWB to receive support in and possibly advice on the activities needed to raise in overall maturity. 

For more information please contact:

Dana van der Velden, Project Manager Malawi

Dana van der Velden

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