WaterWorX project: WOP Bahir Dar Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia
  • Ethiopia - Bahir Dar Water and Sewerage Service (BDWSS)
  • 31-12-2026

Water Operators’ Partnership for Performance Improvement of Water Supply Services in Bahir Dar City 

Project objectives:

  • Extend the network and improve service levels to at least basic, and to some extent, safely managed services 
  • Improve maturity level and pro-poor focus of their working processes, and resulting KPIs 
  • Implementing (climate) resilient investment projects that cumulatively provide either first-time access or improve service levels for an additional 22,750 people in Bahir Dar City. 

The WOP in Bahir Dar will focus on capacity building of the utility for increased access to reliable and sustainable water supply services. Based on existing assessments of the challenges in Bahir Dar, the prioritized target areas for this WOP are: 

  • Infrastructure planning and development 
  • Reduction of non-revenue water and improving water distribution system 
  • Improving water production 
  • Modern asset management/maintenance plans 
  • Automation of services 

This is a new WOP that has started in 2022.  VEI had no engagement with Bahir Dar Water Supply Services as WOP before but had indirect links through the Ethiopian Utilities Federation (EUF), which featured as part of Phase 1 WOP. EUF had support from VEI on KPIs (for utilities performance evaluation under the EUF) and MIS development where BDWSS had actively participated. The fact that BDWSS was an active utility taking part even in the development and training of the KPIs for utilities under the EUF, Bahir Dar town is among the most populous secondary cities nationwide, BDWSS can be used as a springboard to reach other utilities in the region, the Bahir Dar utility willingness to partner, including the drive and the energy of the utility management are some of the criteria used for the selection. EU-WOP implementation will start at the same time as the WWX WOP and we plan to create synergy and leverage from the activities, share experiences and avoid duplications.

Daniel Truneh
Regional Team Leader