FDW project: Sustainable Water Services Beira Mozambique

  • Mozambique
  • Mozambique - FIPAG
  • 31-12-2021

In Beira (Mozambique) around 257.971 people do not have access to drinking water.

Underlying factors are:

  1. High Non-Revenue Water (NRW) levels
  2. Limited water treatment capacity
  3. Consumer behaviour and WASH awareness
  4. Lack of financial resources to maintain infrastructures. 

FIPAG (responsible for water supply in Beira), VEI (long-term partner for technical assistance) and WSUP (NGO supporting community aspects in water provision) created a consortium in 2014 and are now working on cycles of change to create an upwards spiral towards sustainable services.

  • Improved access for 110.000 (low income) inhabitants, increase water supply hours from 11 to 14 hours, improve water quality through upgrading the water treatment plant (an extra 5,000m3/day), implement a water loss reduction strategy (from 47% to 37% NRW), extend and rehabilitate the distribution network (85km extension and 112 km rehabilitation).
  • Improved social embedding through executing community programs focused on gender, WASH awareness, customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Financial sustainability to sustain and further access to water and improved services after project ending (enable investments, maintenance) through: extending the revenue base (replacing 26% of the water meters, decrease commercial NRW) and through improving cash flows (debt management, new payment modalities, payment awareness). 

The project started in 2015 and will be finalized end of 2021 with all outcome indicators on track.

Project finished
Joep Vonk