EKN project: Institutional Support FIPAG Mozambique – Phase II

  • Mozambique
  • Mozambique - FIPAG

FIPAG and VEI are partners since 2005, supported by the Netherlands’ Embassy in Maputo. The initial collaboration focused on operational support through small investments and technical assistance for the 4 water utilities in the Southern Region. Over the years the projects extended towards 5 cities in the Central Region and as from 2011 also 6 cities in the Northern Region were included, as well as the water utility of the capital Maputo.

In the past years, the projects gradually changed from support to all FIPAG utilities to topic-specific support in strategic areas, including demonstration projects. Topics include:

  • NRW reduction strategies
  • Energy consumption analysis and reduction strategies
  • Optimized water distribution supported by hydraulic modelling
  • Investment planning, supported by financial modelling
Project finished
Germain Bakker