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Mzuzu is a rapidly growing city in the north of Malawi. About 50% of the population lives in informal settlements, which are characterised by limited provision of water and sanitation (WASH) services. The Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) is mandated to provide drinking water and the responsibility for providing sanitation services should shift from the Mzuzu City Council (MCC) to the NRWB. The NRWB and MCC join forces with VEI and Plan to sustainably increase the financial, technical and managerial capacity of the NRWB and MCC to increase water efficiency, reduce ground water pollution and increase coverage of WASH services to low-income households. To achieve this, the PPP project pursues the following interventions:

1. Reduce the level of non-revenue water; by improving the technical and managerial capacity of the NRWB, the level of non-revenue water will be halved from 40/45% to 20%.

2. Increase water-use efficiency of consumers; by developing a Strategic Water Demand Management Plan water use of consumers in Mzuzu will decreas by 10%.

3. Increase water coverage, especially for low-income households; by construction of 30 new and rehabilitation of 150 water kiosks and training of water operators.

4. Improve access to appropriate sanitation; by constructing 8 communal toilet blocks and at least 500 households construct ecosan1 latrine.

5. Increase capacity and coordination of NRWB and the MCC; through training of the NRWB and the MCC on prevention of non-revenue water, Water Demand Management and Urban Community Led Total Sanitation (UCLTS).

Project finished