Malawi NRWB Water Efficiency Project

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  • Malawi - Northern Region Water Board (NRWB)

Over 200.000 residents of Mzuzu City are set to benefit from the Euro 24.5 million Malawi NRWB Water Efficiency project which is set to be completed in December 2021.

The project implemented by the Northern Region Water Board with technical assistance from VEI/Posch&Partners and financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) was conceived to sustain water supply in Mzuzu City and Ekwendeni Town as a stop gap measure while Government is sourcing funds for construction of the proposed Lambilambi Dam in Chikangawa Forest.

The aim of the project is to rehabilitate, upgrade and extend the existing Mzuzu and Ekwendeni Water Supply systems so that the communities of Mzuzu City and Ekwendeni town plus surrounding areas are provided with adequate potable water supply. Upgrading of Ekwendeni water treatment capacity from 700 000 litres per day to 6,000, 000 litres per day so that people of Ekwendeni are not supplied with water from Mzuzu.
The projects specific components include implementation of water demand management measures to reduce non-revenue water from 36% to 20% (by the year 2022), this includes the upgrade of the GIS-system and the development of a hydraulic model.

Daily management of the business will be improved by the implementation of a SCADA and MIS system. 
The project is also constructing two raw water intakes across Lunyangwa River in Mzuzu and Ekwendeni in order to store additional water and raise the Lunyangwa Dam to increase raw water storage for the dry months.
Once completed, the project will ensure improved water supply in the City as well as cover the city’s upcoming areas.

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