WaterWorX project: WOP Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh - Dhaka WASA (DWASA)
Region: Dhaka
Period: 2022-2026
Project Partners: Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA)
Funding: WaterWorX program by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

WOP for Scaling of NRW Management and Pro-poor Water Supply within Dhaka and to other Cities in Bangladesh.

This WOP aims to improve the capacity and performance of Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) in NRW management and water services delivery to its 14 million customers with a special focus on service delivery improvement in Low Income Areas. The WOP will also support DWASA in becoming a mentor to other water service providers in the region. More specifically the WOP aims to realize the following outcomes:

  1. DWASA's capacity developed for upscaling the 'DMA caretaker approach' and DMA benchmarking for Non-  Revenue Water (NRW) management to 6 of the 7 remaining MOD zones.
  2. Improved water services for 1,722 low income households (7,400 beneficiaries) in Dhaka

    By request of DWASA's CPCR unit, Eau et Vie will - with co-funding support of VEI and technical assistance through this WOP - provide access to safe drinking water for 1,722  Low Income Area households/7,400 people (520 connections will be funded under this EU-WOP, for the additional 1,202 Eau et Vie will leverage investment funding) through its local social enterprise based on a delegated management contract with DWASA.
  3. Strengthened capacity of DWASA's Community Planning and Customer Relations (CPCR) unit

    The CPCR unit is responsible for water and sanitation service improvement to 4 million low income dwellers in Dhaka. A recent study issued by VEI and DWASA recommended the following activities to strengthen DWASA's Low Income Consumers (LIC) approach: 
  • Develop a central knowledge base on LIC WASH services provision.
  • Develop a multi-stakeholder plan for WASH in LIAs under the leadership of DWASAs.
  • Further anchoring of multiple water service models in contention which may be suitable in different LIC contexts
  • Introduce measures to empower and hold CBOs accountable .
  • Integrate regular planning events into the operations of the CPCR Unit .
  • Expedite implementation of a progressive tariff scheme.
  1. Developed capacity at DWASA to be a mentor to other water service providers (in Bangladesh and South East Asia) in the field of (improved) operational, financial and social-responsive water utility operations.

For questions, please contact:
Romano Radjkoemar, Resident Project Manager in Bangladesh