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In the period 2016-2021, VEI supported PES in the realization of the transport system for RO-water from Fort Bay to Hell’s Gate and the bottling plant. Both systems reached completion in 2021 and PES has asked VEI for continued support during the period 2022-2024.

In summary, VEI and PES will collaborate on: 

  • Facilitate in building a vision on the water supply system;
  • Feedback and input regarding vision on the water supply system;
  • Preparation of multi-annual budget based on vision on the water supply system;
  • Assistance to expansion of the water transport capacity;
  • Assistance to adjustments regarding the production intake at Fort Bay;
  • Assistance to adjustments to the water transport system;
  • Annual survey of RO-water transport system;
  • Evaluating the operation of the bottling plant;
  • Update cost price calculations of RO-water and bottled water;
  • Assistance to subsidy request for 2022-2023;
  • Assistance to changes in the BES law regarding the inclusion of bottled water as drinking water;
  • Update water quality and water capacity document based on changes in water process;
  • Ad-hoc assistance.

With the above investments, partially funded by the Netherlands government, water availability and affordability will significantly increase.

For questions, please contact Fred Elgers, project manager Saba

Fred Elgers

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