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Sustainable Water Services for Harar (SWSH) 

The SWSH project (2013-2021), co-financed by RVO – FDW fund – introduces an integrated water resources conservation and water allocation approach in Harar Regional State and combines this with capacity development and

construction of a distribution network to supply adequate and sustainable water services in urban and rural Harar. This will ensure long term water availability for urban, rural and industrial consumers. In addition, under the SWSH project enhanced access to safe water to the peri-urban communities have been implemented.

The project brings together the expertise and experiences of multiple partners:

  • VEI (Lead implementing partner)
  • HEINEKEN Brewery SC
  • Harari People Regional State (HPRS)
  • Harar Town Water Supply and Sewerage Service Authority (HWSA)
  • Ethiopian Catholic Church-Social and Development Coordinating Office of Harar
  • MS Consultants
  • Acacia Water

The partners work in six result areas:

  1. Result 1 Inception phase
  2. Result 2 Implementation of Deker Distribution Network – construction of reservoir, laying of water transmission and distribution pipelines, control valves, related fittings, installations etc.
  3. Result 3 Water Resources conservation, allocation and protection strategy developed with all stakeholders; Telemetry and automation for controls and management
  4. Result 4 Water abstraction and protection in sustainable ways. Monitoring of ground water levels in abstraction sites. Non-Revenue Water reduction approaches are demonstrated, and processes are up scaled
  5. Result 5 Enhanced capacity development and training for HWSSA, material support, benchmarking and experiential sharing for financially and technically sustainable water services and increased access for 25,000 people to sustainable water services in Harar City
  6. Result 6 Improved access to water through water buffering, reduced system failure and new water points

For more information please contact:

Daniel Truneh, Resident Project Manager in Ethiopia

Daniel Truneh
Regional Team Leader

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