EU WOP Uganda

  • Uganda
  • Uganda - National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
Region: South Western Region
Period: 2022-2024
Project partners: Ministry of Water & Environment, National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
Funding: EU-WOP Programme, a European Union funded initiative managed by GWOPA/UN-Habitat

In-country Professionalization Support to South West Umbrella of Water and Sanitation (IN-SWUWS), Uganda

VEI and NWSC have been collaborating with the Ministry of Water and Environment Uganda (MWE) in supporting the transition and professionalisation agenda of Umbrella Authorities in Uganda under the ongoing WWX WOP. Under the EU WOP, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) and VEI will team up as co-mentors to the South Western Umbrella of Water and Sanitation (SWUWS). The WOP will focus on strengthening SWUWS capacity in asset management and customer relations and billing. 

As the policy-making/regulating body for all water operators in the country, the MWE aims to boost the operational performance of ±1.000 schemes by:

i) directly supporting the development of the UAs, and
ii) facilitating a smooth transition of rural/semi-urban schemes to NWSC or the regional UAs.

In this effort the MWE, representing all Umbrella Authorities in the country, partners with NWSC and VEI to accompany the professionalization agenda of all  Umbrella Authorities and specifically the SWUWS.

The focus of this project is increasing MWE and SWUWS capacity in:

  • Asset management (i.e. asset development, operation and maintenance) - the main topic of the ongoing WWX - WOP between NWSC and VEI (targeting Kampala)
  • Customer relations and billing i.e. revenue enhancement for a selection of the (32)  schemes that currently fall under SWUWS.

Both VEI and NWSC share a long track record in WOP implementation as co-mentors and mentees and in the context of small-scale schemes in Uganda. This project combines the practical implementation of leading practices in asset management (VEI) and billing (NWSC) in combination with a vast and in-country pool of experts (VEI/NWSC).  

For more information please contact:
Martin Nijsse, project manager in Uganda

Martin Nijsse