WOP2 team in Bangladesh built a training site


Tap water is transported through meters of pipeline before it reaches houses. Keeping these pipelines well maintained is a top priority for clean drinking water and reducing water loss. But if the pipelines are mostly underground, how can we train mechanics in effective maintenance?

The WOP2 team in Bangladesh designed and built a scaled distribution network complete with all appurtenances for Dhaka's water utility (DWASA). At this training site the mechanics can learn and practice effective maintenance of the pipeline network. Watch the video to learn more about this innovative training site.

The focus of these trainings is to provide the DWASA technical field staff, who make up the repair staff of the DMA Caretaker Teams, with the expertise on the basic principles of maintaining DMAs and pressurized networks, and with experience on how to operate, maintain and repair the DMA appurtenances. Since it is currently impossible for STEs to visit Bangladesh, trainings can now be conducted over video connection and partially on site (so called ‘hybrid training’). The training classes will follow the outline of Standard Operating Procedures that were developed during WOP1 and updated in WOP2. 

See here the final layout of the training site