VEI presents Annual Report 2020


Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services for All

With pride, I introduce our VEI Annual Report 2020, sharing all data and results of VEI over the year 2020.

2020 has been a turbulent year. The impact from COVID-19 on VEI and his partners cannot be understated. However, it has also been inspiring to see that even in the face of such adversity, everyone in and around VEI demonstrated its adaptability, positivity and resilience to a level beyond what anyone might have predicted.

We are very proud to report that VEI succeeded, through a joint effort of all partners, staff, financiers, and water operators, to help 365,000 people from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to access sustainable water services delivery. If we translate this, it means that every day in 2020, we helped 1,000 people with drinking water and/or sanitation, it becomes even more impressive. Thanks to the resilience and commitment of all, VEI is worldwide leading in terms of scale and quality with respect to organizing peer support between water operators.

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure, and please while reading it, take at heart that your continued support is essential in making the dream come true of universal sustainable water services for all.

Dr. Marco A.C. Schouten

Read the VEI Annual Report 2020 here