Our mission

VEI has a twofold mission objective. When VEI was founded, these two mission objectives were already set in the statutes of VEI.

  1. VEI wants to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal number 6: achieving universal and sustainable access to water and sanitation by 2030. We want to help 11.5 million people directly or indirectly to benefit from sustainable water services over the period 2015 - 2030. 
  2. VEI wants to strengthen the internal and external reputation of our partner water operators: leading in the drinking water sector, and an attractive employer for talented employees.

Our vision

In the vision of VEI, the 2 mission objectives come together in organizing peer support between water operators.  Sharing experiences between water companies brings tangible benefits for all parties. In that respect, VEI is a real  win-win approach where peer support are the way in which both water operators in a Water Operator Partnership (WOP) benefit from the collaboration. VEI organizes the solidarity between water operators to enable them to serve their customers better.