WaterWorX project: WOP Acuavalle Colombia

  • Colombia
  • Colombia - Aguas del Huila
  • Colombia - Las Ceibas
  • Colombia - Acuavalle
Region: Acuavalle, Aguas del Huila, Las Ceibas region
Period: 2017-2021
Project Partners: Acuavalle, Aguas del Huila, Las Ceibas
Funding: WaterWorX program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

WaterWorX project: WOP Acuavalle Colombia

Through the input of Dutch experts, VEI has been supporting three Colombian water utilities, i.e. Acuavalle, Aguas del Huila, Las Ceibas to strengthen their operations and sustainability and to ensure that the service providers are well equipped to face the challenging changing future of drinking water supply in Colombia. More specifically, the capacity development focused on non-revenue water reduction, asset maintenance and management and improved services for poor customers. An important additional component that has been addressed is the upscaling of utilities. The Colombian water sector has over 2,000 water operators. In order to increase efficiency and effectiveness, the Colombian government is stimulating upscaling through mergers. As a side activity to the WOP, a Dutch consultant conducted a study in to barriers and stimulants for utility merging.

Factsheet WWX WOP Acuavalle

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Robbert van der Bij, Project Manager in Colombia

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Robbert van der Bij

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