EKN project: Capacity Building for Small-Town Water and Sanitation Systems Mozambique - AIAS phase 3

  • Mozambique
  • Mozambique - AIAS
  • 31-12-2025
  • €12,900,239
Region: 72 small towns in the whole of Mozambique
Period: January 2021 - December 2025
Project partners: AIAS, SNV
Funding: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mozambique

Capacity Building for Small-Town Water and Sanitation Systems in Mozambique

Project objectives

VEI – together with subcontracted partners SNV and BZRD - supports AIAS in improving access to water and sanitation services in at least 75 peri-urban project towns throughout Mozambique.

Main project activities

The main project activities include:

  • Technical assistance towards the building of AIAS’ organizational capacity.
  • Capacity building for water and sanitation operators in the selected towns.
  • Investments in water and sanitation infrastructure.
  • Developing innovative business models for water and sanitation operators.

In its activities VEI also subcontracts the services of personnel of Águas da Região do Maputo and other Mozambican entities. In this manner VEI builds upon the capacity it created in other projects in Mozambique since 2004.

Expected results

By means of the project activities the partners aim to achieve the following results:

  • Stable AIAS organization at central and provincial levels with a capacity to guarantee sustainability.
  • Sustainable operation of urban drinking water and sanitation services in 75 towns.
  • Mechanisms in place for extension of infrastructure and increased number of water and sanitation facilities.
  • Increased involvement of the private sector, contributing to sustainable services

Link to AKVO page: https://rsr.akvo.org/dir/project/1868

For questions, please contact:

Joep Vonk, Project manager AIAS Mozambique

Joep Vonk