PEWAK – Upscaling the DMA approach in Murang’a, Kenya


by Lieke Nijk

Murang’a Water and Sanitation Company in Kenya is rapidly upscaling the DMA approach after successful reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in the Kiharu district metered area (DMA). That DMA currently has a Non-Revenue Water level of 15-17%. This is well below the national standard of 20%. Within one year from the implementation of the NRW measures the increased revenues in this DMA had already covered the investments made.

In January 2019 the Non-Revenue Water team of Murang’a has installed the last bulk meters to isolate the Ngoguini DMA in Murang’a town (2000 connections) and the Kabuta area. The latter is the extension of the network financed by Water for Life.

Through the installation of the bulk meter we can monitor the flow to the different areas, calculate Non-Revenue Water and detect performance issues at an early stage. Active monitoring on DMA level allows MUWASCO to reduce losses and improve the overall performance of the company.