Training & E-learning

Are you going on a mission for VEI or are you interested working for a project abroad? VEI offers a number of workshops to better prepare yourself for (future) work for VEI, which can also benefit you in your daily work. Are you interested? Or do you have any questions? Always consult your manager and/or resource coordinator first.

Here you can find an overview and more information of the training courses for the first half of 2024.

  • Writing an advisory report (e-learning)
  • Train the trainer
  • How do I increase my impact as a Short Term Expert
  • I-SOS Trainingportal
  • Culture and Leadership Training

Writing an advisory report (e-learning)

This training provides insight into how to write a logically drafted report that meets the reader's needs. They practice analyzing the reader and possible reader objections. As a writer, it is important to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the audience in order to write a convincing text. The goal is to learn how to report pyramidally; message up and then the substantiation. Tips are also given on writing an introduction, structuring and formulating in attractive, business-like English. Afterwards you will receive a handy checklist.

Link to online training (20 minutes)

Trainer: Aletta den Exter

Train de trainer

In this training you become aware of your own learning style, you get theoretical background about building a training and various working methods. But above all, we share great experiences with each other and you receive practical tips.


Workshop Utrecht office: 21 June: 10.00h - 14.00h (lunch included)

Trainers: Andre van Beek & Manuel Tayara

You can register here

How do I increase my impact as a Short Term Expert

How can I increase my effectiveness during my assignment? The workshop offers a guide with tips, background information and experiences in the field of change management and advice. Your assignment as an expert: you want to realize the formulated objectives from the "assignment" - for and with the colleagues in the WOPs. This often means that a change has to be made in peers, local teams and utilities. Through this training you will gain insight into:

  • The importance of building and maintaining a good relationship
  • Formulating a good consultancy assignment
  • Resistance and change management
  • Case studies/exercises that “bring about” change
  • Your personal development (what am I going to do “differently” or continue to do?) 

Planning: Utrecht office: 5 April: 09.30h - 14.00h (lunch included)

Trainer: André van Beek

Mainly for new Short Term Experts. Invitation by email

E-learnings I-SOS

VEI offers various e-learnings to provide you with knowledge about relevant topics to be able to work healthy and safely in different circumstances. The e-learnings are also important in preparation for situations or risks that you may be confronted with, such as malaria or political unrest.

When you log in, you will see the 'mandatory' e-learnings at the top that we highly recommend. Below you will find the other training courses that you can follow, based on your interests or recommendations per country. These modules are very educational, even for the experienced traveler. Some modules only take a few minutes, others a little longer. They are definitely worth following to be well prepared. It teaches you to deal with all, sometimes rapidly changing circumstances.

Click here for the manual of the Digital Learning Portfolio

You can access the I-SOS learning portal via the link below. Create a favorite and set a new password if necessary (already have an account with I-SOS, then use that information). The training courses are offered (in various languages) by International SOS, the service provider that supports VEI - and therefore also you - in the areas of medical assistance and safety.


A selection from their offer: Travel Risk Awareness, Hotel Safety, Petty crime, Female Travellers, Malaria, Civil Unrest, First Aid, etc. (from 3 to 25 minutes).


Not yet familiar with International SOS? Go to (member) and log in with membership no 30BYCA000006. Also see their app in the app store. Always handy for travelling!

Do you have any questions? Please contact your Resource coordinator.

Culture and Leadership

To introduce the concept of cultural dimensions and how the Netherlands is perceived abroad, fostering an understanding of the importance of trust, respect, and connection in multicultural project management. Also to deepen the understanding of causality and relationships in multicultural teams and enhance skills in working with such teams.

1 training with 2 online sessions: 29 May and 5 June, both at 10.00h - 12.00h 

Max 8 participants per session.

Trainer: Boudewijn Sterk

You can register here

Working in a different culture

This is not a separate training, but a handbook with information per country. Being well prepared for a trip is of course important and in order not to miss the point with colleagues abroad, it is good to be aware of the do's and don'ts. The link below will take you to the handbook that provides you with the necessary cultural insights and what you should pay attention to when working with your local partners.

Download the Country Handbook here.