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The project’s main objective of the Zimbabwe WOP is to enable the three largest urban water utilities in Zimbabwe namely Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare to sustainably provide water and sanitation services to all of their customers at an improved level of service’. This will be achieved by improving the quality of leadership, human resources productivity, stakeholder relations, strategic business planning, harnessing of investment funding, inclusion of disadvantaged groups in key processes, influencing the enabling environment, protection of water sources, reduction of revenue water loses, enhanced asset management and climate resilience planning.  

VEI started to work with Harare Water Department in 2015 under the Zimfund Phase 2 project as a technical assistant. In 2018 a Water Operator’s Partnership under the umbrella of WaterWorX (WWX) started. ,
WaterWorX Phase 1 in Zimbabwe (2017-2021) was supporting utility turnaround and improvement of work processes supported by through a Water Operator Partnership in the two major Cities of Zimbabwe namely City of Harare (Harare City Council) and City of Bulawayo (Bulawayo City Council). The WOP was mainly aimed at alleviating operational challenges in provision of water service to the large urban customer bases in both Cities. During the same period, the technical and financial assistance was structured to assist each utility on matters in Water, Non-Revenue Water, People and Organization, Finance and Enabling Environment.

Key Areas worked on in WWX Phase 1 

  • Leadership development 
  • Business Planning 
  • Gender Policy and Gender Approach 
  • Improvement Plan based on an internal audit performed on transparency and integrity 
  • MIS 
  • GIS 
  • NRW 
  • Hydraulic Modelling 
  • Asset management and maintenance management program 
  • Climate resilience planning 
  • Customer and administrative processes 
  • Pro-poor investments 
  • Enabling environment 

WOP Objectives in WWX Phase 2

The project main objective is to ensure institutional turnaround and improvement of utility working processes for the partners so that they improve maturity levels as outlined in the utilities of the future framework. The project will also ensure that strategic operational investments and LIAs are done in the three utilities. The WOP has been structured to achieve stakeholder driven institutional turnaround and achieve water and sanitation SDG contribution of 0.4 Million towards the 10 million SDG target for VEI. To achieve this the sub-processes to be pursued will fall under three work streams namely utility process improvement, enabling environment and investment mobilization.

For more information please contact:

Robson Manatsa, Project Manager Zimbabwe

Robson Manatsa

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