Bangladesh Dhaka WOP1 and 2

  • Bangladesh - Dhaka WASA (DWASA)
  • 31-12-2022

DWASA provides 24/7 drinking water to the 15 million+ inhabitants of Dhaka city, one of the world's largest mega-cities. With new people moving into the city everyday Dhaka is an ever-expanding city. This has a direct impact on DWASA's customer base, which increases with 0.5 million people annually. Whilst the average water usage of Dhaka's citizens keeps increasing, the supply of fresh water is dwindling. Large infrastructural works are currently taking place to expedite the shift from ground water to surface water as a water source, and to replace the old, leaking network.

In order to solidify the future of drinking water in Dhaka, DWASA & VEI have joined in a second Water Operators Partnership with a focus on sustainabe management of the newly constructed network. WOP2 aims to increase performance, improve operations and reduce system loss, and enhance capacity of DWASA.

Factsheet Dhaka WOP1

Factsheet Dhaka WOP2

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