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  • Tanzania - Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (DUWASA)

Final WOP objectives: 

DUWASA extents the network and improve coverage for water and sanitation services, resulting in 30,000 people (SDG6) to be reached (directly and indirectly) through WOP activities. 

DUWASA makes step-change improvements in maturity level and pro-poor focus, resulting a reduced Non Revenue Water and reduced (relative) energy consumption. 


The 'design team' of DUWASA has prioritized 1) the operation and maintenance of distribution and 2) production assets, 3) commercial operations and 4) Management and leadership. Out of the 19 selected sub-processes, 15 of them relate to these 4 main topics. One sub-process relates to IT (digitilization of paper files in the office). The other 3 sub-processes touch on specific training needs (e.g. on financial accounting) or to the enabling environment which are limited in scope and budget. 

O&M Distribution 
DUWASA is in need for a NRW assessment and plan and a few pilot DMAs will be established. Operational staff will be training and (some) equipment will be provided. GIS will be established (not in place at the moment) and also a draft hydraulic model will be developed. This also will support DUWASA in the management and supervision of the ongoing and future investment projects 

O&M Production 
Training and software will be provided to improve preventative maintenance of the production assets. Also an energy audit will be developed to reduce energy costs. 

Commercial Operations 
DUWASA is in need for a proper understanding of commercial losses and implement activities (at pilot scale) accordingly. Also a meter management policy will be developed.  

Management and Leadership 
A clear request is made for change management leadership, right from the start of the partnership. Based on the climatic survey and personal assessment an approach will be developed for workshops, training and coaching. 

The WOP will focus on the increase of the water availability in the near term (5 years). On the longer term, big investments are foreseen, including Fakwe dam (WB funded) and bulk water supply from Lake Victoria (funding not secured). However, due to the long timeline (>5 years before completion), an increase in water production capacity is required in the near term. Pre-feasibility studies have already been completed for the near term investments.

For more information please contact:

Andries van Eckeveld, Project Manager Tanzania

Andries van Eckeveld
Project Manager

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