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  • Tanzania - Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA)

The WWX WOP in Arusha is focusing on improving operational and financial performance, as well as increasing access to and reliability of water supply to all. In order to reach these outcomes, AUWSA have to overcome their current challenges which are high Non-Revenue Water (NRW), high fluoride concentration in borehole water, low operating ratio and insufficient water coverage.
To address these challenges AUWSA identified six themes to work on during Phase I: capacity development, increasing cost coverage ratio, reducing non-revenue water (NRW), improve water quality, implement a pro-poor approach and creating an enabling environment for improving operational and financial performance as well as attracting new investments. 

The biggest achievements under the WWX WOP Phase 1 are: 

  • Tangible outputs which are proven to be useful and effective and are able to sustain within the partner utility, e.g. plumbing tools, GIS equipment, transport facilities, fluoride removal technique 
  • Analysis, piloting activities and business case development on Non Revenue Water (NRW)  
  • Capacity development (personal and professional skills) for project implementation team. 
  • Active participation in the realization of the African Development Bank (AfdB) investments in Arusha, to optimize their operation and maintenance  

WWX Phase 2 final WOP objectives: 

AUWSA extents the network and improve coverage for water and sanitation services, resulting in 57,000 people (SDG6) to be reached (directly and indirectly) through WOP activities. 

AUWSA makes step-change improvements in maturity level and pro-poor focus, resulting a reduced Non Revenue Water and reduced (relative) energy consumption. 


The 'design team' of AUWSA has prioritized 1) the operation and maintenance of distribution and 2) production assets, 3) HR management and 4) organizational strategy. Out of the 24 selected sub-processes, 22 of them relate to these 4 main topics. The other 2 sub-processes touch on specific training needs (e.g. on project management skills) or to the enabling environment which are limited in scope and budget. 

In Phase 2 the WOP will support the scale-up of the fluoride removal technique and attract financier for the large scale WTP for fluoride removal. In Phase I we financed and started the implementation of a pilot to demonstrate and develop a proof of concept to be replicated. Financial support is needed for the (detailed) design of the WTP as well as for activities to attract financiers.

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For more information please contact:

Andries van Eckeveld, Project Manager Tanzania


Jan-Kees de Visser, Resident Expert in Arusha

Jan-Kees de Visser
Resident Expert
Andries van Eckeveld
Project Manager

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