WaterWorX project: WOP Addis Ababa Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia
  • Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Water and Sewage Authority (AAWSA)

The WaterWorX programme is an initiative which is being implemented in 15 countries. In Addis Ababa, the implementation of the first phase started in 2019. Finalization of this first phase will be at the closing of 2021.

Project area
The project is focused on the water utility of Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority (AAWSA). They operate mainly within the administrative boundaries of Addis, however many of its water sources are located outside of the city, creating necessity and opportunity for cooperation in the region.

Project aim
The WaterWorX programme in Addis Ababa is subtitled: "Non-revenue Water reduction in Addis Ababa and Water Utility Benchmarking in Ethiopia". It seeks to build on the work which has been done under the S2TAB project using the experience and relations that have formed during its implementation.
The project will mainly address the following topics:

1. Capacity building of AAWSA in reducing the high level of Non-revenue Water. This will positively affect the financial sustainability.
2. In Addis Ababa a project will be defined to give access to drinking water to approximately 10,000 poor people
3. Setting up a benchmarking system for Ethiopia together with the Ministry of Water Irrigation & Energy and possibly Waterforum. This benchmarking system has the aim to upgrade the performance of all participating water utilities. The participating utilities will be selected in cooperation with MOWIE and Waterforum.

Concrete project outputs are invisioned to be:
- A Non-revenue water reduction plan
- Capacitated staff to reduce and maintain an acceptable level of non-revenue water
- A complete set of KPIs
- A system to collect and store data
- A system to report annually on the performance of the participating water utilities

For more information please contact:

Daniel Truneh, Resident Project Manager in Ethiopia

Daniel Truneh
Regional Team Leader