Bomet Water is corporated company Limited by shares and was incorporated on 18th June 2013 under the Companies Act Cap 486, Laws of Kenya The objectives of the company are broadly formulated in the memorandum and articles of association to cover a wide range of activities directly related and associated with the provision of water and sanitation services within Bomet County and bulk sales to other areas.

The Administrative Area we are mandated to provide services stands on a land area of 2037.4 Km with a population of 703,000 people while major towns and markets include: Bomet, Silibwet, Mogogosiek, Sotik, Ndanai, Longisa, Sigor and Mulot

Bomet Water is responsible for the efficient and economical provision of Water and Sanitation Services within the area under it's the jurisdiction of Bomet County and as an agent of Lake Victoria South Water Services Board through a Service Provision Agreement.